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Area Yardage Calculator

As you're planning your landscape project, you'll need to know how much of your materials to purchase. It's easy:

  • First you have to find three measurements: length, width and height (note, all these measurements should be in feet)
  • Then you have to do a little mathematics: take all three numbers and multiply them together. Then take your total and divide by 27 (note, this formula will only work if all your measurements are in feet)
  • A "yard", by definition, is 27 cubic feet, which is a cube in the dimensions of  3 feet wide x 3 feet deep x 3 feet tall


  • one cubic yard = 27 cubic feet will cover
  • 1296 sq. ft. 1/4" deep
  • 648 sq. ft. 1/2" deep
  • 324 sq. ft. 1" deep
  • 162 sq. ft. 2" deep
  • 108 sq. ft. 3" deep
  • 81 sq. ft. 4" deep
  • 54 sq. ft. 6" deep

If you need help calculating the yardage of your job, try using these helpful Yardage Calculators

Rectangular/Square Beds

How wide is the area? (in feet)
How long is the area? (in feet)
How thick (deep) do you want to fill (in inches)?
What type of material do you want?


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